The 3 Most Common Branding and Marketing Mistakes

… and how you can fix them today!

1. Sticking to what you already see in the industry.

I’ve been here. You see your colleague, competitor, or industry professional doing something that’s super successful, and you think “omg I need to be doing that, too!” Just remember, what makes your company unique is your perspective on relevant topics in your industry. Your brand should be YOU! 

Stray away from directly researching your competitors as a source of how you should position your products, communicate with your clients, or market your services. Shift how you look for inspiration: if you like the look of someone else’s website, ask yourself why you like it. Once you figure out the why, you can brainstorm fresh ideas using your unique perspective.

2. Keeping your business and personal life separate.

In today’s world of online marketing through social media platforms, integrating lifestyle and personality into your brand’s communication is crucial. Many people can relate to interests, hobbies, and seeing a face behind the voice. This in turn creates a connection and establishes brand loyalty. Use social media as a way to engage with your audience. Start a conversation to identify the wants, needs, and struggles of your audience. Focus on serving them by relating to them. When your audience can relate to you on a personal level, they are more likely to give you their trust when it comes time to launch a new product or service.

3. You know what’s best for your clients.

Too many entrepreneurs create products or services with their individual tastes and preferences in mind. It’s so important to remember that not every business owner embodies their ideal client. A product that seems like the absolute perfect solution to your problem might not appeal to your audience- they might not even have the same problem to begin with. 

Speak to your audience and ask them questions! What do they currently struggle? What do they wish they had to make their lives easier? Your audience can give you valuable feedback during so many stages of your product development process. Social media is a perfect platform for asking quick questions and gaining a ton of feedback to help you refine your ideas. Another tip? Instead of checking out your competitors, look up your ideal clients. See what they are interested in, who they follow, check out the tone they use when communicating. Get to know who your clients are, how they think, and where they want to go.

Hopefully you’ve gained a few tips from these common mistakes in marketing your brand! Just remember: be genuine with your clientele, show them who you are and that you’re here to listen to them.