Hiring a Designer vs. Doing it Yourself

Are you on the fence about hiring a professional for a design job?  Let’s dive in to some common hesitations about reaching out for help...

HESITATION: Your idea won’t be seen through. 

Let’s say you need to make a brochure for your company. You’ve planned out what you want to say, the kind of images you want, and exactly how you want the brochure to look. You have such a strong vision of what you want, and hiring someone else to do the task will take away from your idea. 

RESOLUTION: Designers are thorough.

A designer may note a piece of information you forgot on the design- a phone number, a website url, an address. Designers do this every day, so they have a good idea of all the information that needs to go on your document and their eye will catch oversights. Based on your initial scope of work discussions, designers can easily gauge your priorities, what exactly you need done, and the best way to create exactly what you need.

HESITATION: Designers are expensive. 

It’s no secret, hiring a pro to design something for you can get expensive. You’re thinking about how a simple logo could even cost that much, or about all the moola you’d save if you just did it yourself.

RESOLUTION: You receive above quality work.

Can you usually tell when something's been done in Microsoft Word versus been designed by a pro? Designers have knowledge of the visual hierarchy of typography- meaning they know how to manipulate the spacing, size, and font in order to best communicate your message. They are well-versed in making designs that ensure the audience’s eyes travel to each piece of information in the order you want. It sounds a bit crazy… but it’s true! The smallest of design elements that you may not even notice will guide the reader’s eye in a certain way. Your final product will be elegant, cohesive, clean cut, and send a message of professionalism to your clients.

TIP: Don’t be afraid to ask questions about an initial quote, or for a breakdown of the cost. You have every right to know what your money is paying for in regards to the designer's work-flow process and what is included in the cost.

HESITATION: You feel you might be left out of the design process.

You’re nervous the only stages you’ll have input in is the initial meeting to go over what you need, and paying for the end product.

RESOLUTION: Designers are working FOR you.

Hiring the right designer for you means that they care about your input, and ultimately your creative vision. Chat with your designer about their work flow process and when/how you expect to be included. Bring forward any concerns you have about being a part of the process. This discussion will not only make you feel more comfortable in the collaboration between you two, but it will outline your expectations with the designer.

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